How to Get Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Approval Fast?

As you may know that Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads is a contextual advertising network powered by is one of the most effective advertising network for the publishers because it is similar to Google Adsense.Today I would like to guide you how to get your account approve easily in Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads.

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To get your Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads account approve easily you must beware and know the followings:

1. Do not copy and paste:

If your blog or website is full of contents that you copy from another sites then 100% will be rejected. Yahoo does not accept account for the site if the site's content is all copy + paste.

2. Receiving a lot of traffic:

To get you account accept easily, your site must have a majority of traffic come from the U.S. / UK / Canada because most of the ads are related to these country.

3. Do not provide crack software, hacking, or any other illegal service:

Similar to Google adsense, if your blog or website provide free/crack software download or an article on hacking then it will be rejected immediately.

5. English as your site's primary language:

Website should contain mainly English, which means that you should not have language such as Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese etc. If you ever participate in the Google Adsense then you have to understand this better than anyone else.

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