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How NOT to lose your social media friends and connections

Capturing the attention and "Likes" of consumers can be daunting, so when someone chooses to disengage or 'unfriend' a business, what is the motivating factor? There was a recently published report on this very topic with some surprising results. And no matter what the reason our followers leave, it is certain we don't want them to.

So I googled (now considered a verb),"Do's and Don'ts of Social Media"and there we're 510,000 links from Social Media Experts! 510,000! I certainly don't have time to read all of them, and in fact, decided to read NONE of them! Hmmm. I wonder if that's a "Don't" on the list. I've done enough research to understand the basics, and probably most of you have, too.

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I wanted to read some of the experts' advice, but I couldn't stop looking at the titles on ALL their links. Why is the word Don'ts, not spelled like this? Don't's? I mean, Do's has an apostrophe before the 's', so shouldn't that be said for the word Don't's? Or perhaps Do's should have no apostrophe at all? Dos? Clearly I had lost my focus as to what I should or should not do with my social media.

But let's forget the "RULES" for a minute. The term 'social' defines what this platform represents. Therefore, I approach my activities on social media as I would in any 'social' environment. In keeping with the theme of how "NOT" to lose friends and followers and subscribers, I am sharing my top 5 Don't's. Feel free to implement them into your social media platforms if you like.

1. DON'T POST WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN - In other words, don't ramble on and on so that your reader starts to see what you are actually chewing. Since your blog or Facebook page is a gateway to your business product or service, don't start spitting out bits and pieces of your business that has no relevance to your blog. For example; in this blog I'm offering some tips on effective and not-so-great social media content. Now if suddenly I inserted something like "My network marketing business is the best ever. Join me!", you would probably be turned off. (If you weren't, go to the link below and sign up!) Ok, just kidding. Remember you are writing to help others or provide valuable information.

Tip #1 - Don't sell in your blogs and posts, just tease the he'll out of people.

2. DON'T POST IN PUBLIC - I was surprised to find that others we're offended that I chose to blog at a Starbucks the other day. Perhaps it was the fact that I had no laptop or tablet and was basically blogging out loud. Not as effective I'm afraid. But I should have had at least a notepad and pen to write down my "verbal blog' - it was really dynamic.

Tip #2 - Always have a way to take notes, wherever you are. Some great ideas could be lost or forgotten, or as in the example above, not taken seriously.

3. DON'T POST AND DRIVE -This might seem like a no-brainer to you, but I've watched many videos from the 'social media experts' that have been recorded while they are driving! What's with that? Makes me feel like they are so freaking short on time in their lives, that they have to record their sage advice while on the road! If your expertise makes me work harder and longer, with very little time to promote my business so that I have to do so in my car, no thanks.

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