Healthy Blog Traffic

4. Viral Marketing This is a very effective way for you to increase your blogs traffic . You put out some information onto the internet in a certain way and then it starts to spread all by itself. Articles can do when people read your article and then they share it with others and they share it with others

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Another way that I do it is by giving away free products such as my ebook about List Building. It has my links in it and when the people I give it to for free give it to other people, the ebook still has my links in it. So those people, who I never even heard of, might end up coming to my blog.

5. Use RSS Feeds RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. When visitors come to your blog and like what they see, they can click your RSS button which means they want to get updates every time you add new content to your blog. Your updates are an excellent way to encourage return traffic to your blog.

You absolutely must have good content all the time or these subscribers will simply cancel your updates. I know if I get a bad update from someone I will usually unsubscribe right away. I don't have time to read junky or worthless emails.

6. Submit Your Blog to Search Engines In order for visitors to find your blog when they are doing a search on the search engines like Google or Yahoo, these search engines have to know anout your blog. If you are constantly adding good quality content to your blog, these search engines

will eventually find it, but you might want to speed up the process by submitting your blog directly to them thus increasing your ability to get free blog traffic .

7. Joining Forums Joining forums is a great way to get quality blog traffic. Forums are just a group of like minded people gathering in one place. It is kind of like a club except that your clubhouse is a place on the internet. You get together and share ideas. But don't make the very common mistake of joining a forum and then trying to sell something right away.

You will become public enemy number 1! If they could, the other members would have you tarred and feathered. What you want to do is join the discussions and provide very useful information at the appropriate time. You usually get to add a signature line at the end of every post you make so you can have a basic link back to your blog. If people like the contributions you are making to the forum they will click on the link, increasing blog traffic to your blog.

To find a list of forums for a particular subject, say dog training, just do a google search like this:

forum dog training

8. Visit Other Peoples Blogs Find other blogs with content similar to yours. Visitors to these similar blogs are an excellent source for increasing your blogs traffic. Read the information on their blog and then make a complimentary comment about it.

Don't say stupid things like "Nice Blog" , but let them know that you actually read the information by making an informed comment about it. You can usually have a link back to your own blog at the end of your comment. So if you made a stupid comment, do you think other visitors who read that comment are going to check out your blog? Nope!

9. SEO Marketing SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, that means making the search engines like Google or Yahoo happy. You want to do some keyword research to find out what terms people are using when they do a search on a particular topic.

So if your blog is about Sharks, you will want to have phrases that people type into Google when looking for specific information, such as "shark attacks in Hawaii". You will want to combine those words with good relevant content. There is much more to increase your SEO than we can get into here, but remember that making the search engines happy results in much free blog traffic.


10. Social Bookmarking There are quite a few social bookmarking sites out there floating around the internet with millions of visitors on a regular basis. What you want to do is set up an account at one or more of these sites and then submit short posts with links back to your blog. This acn be a great way to increase your blogging traffic .

The search engines also like to see links back to your blog from these sites. And you know what happens when you make the search engines happy, your free blog traffic gets a huge boost.

Using as many of these 10 things as you can will help to get the word out about your blog. And once the word gets out, you will start seeing visitors to your blog. The numbers will start slowly, but by continuing to make the effort, your blogs traffic will continue to increase.

Remember, our main goal when getting visitors to our blog is to get them to give us their name and email address. This is known as list building. And as the number of people on your list continues to grow so does your ability to generate an income from that list.

For even more information on how to build your list of customers, get a free copy of my ebook called:

Listbuilding with Alex

And when you are ready for even more advanced ideas on how to increase blog traffic you can get the List Building With Alex Videos which are currently only $47. These will give you everything you need to build a huge list and achieve your ultimate goal of making some full time income.

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10 Free Ways To Increase Your Blogs Traffic - Pt 1


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Blog Traffic on a New Blog

But, before worrying about how to increase your blogs traffic, you first have to create your own blog (or have someone else create it for you). Having your own blog is a great way to build your online presence.

You can create your blog for free, but I would highly recommend that you get your own domain name and your own hosting account . The costs are minimal and this gives you complete control over what you can do with your blog. With the free versions, your blog could disappear at any time and then all your hard work is gone.

For web hosting I highly recommend ProHostManagement.

You can also get your domain name through them and they will also get your blog set up and functioning for you. They are a great group to work with and can help you with whatever you need.

If you want to get your domain name on your own then you can use namecheap.com

The other thing you will really need is an autoresponder/email package which costs about $20 per month. When visitors come to your blog you need to have a way to capture their name and email address . You usually do this by offering them something useful for free.

If they feel that it is worthwhile, they will be more willing to give you their info in exchange for the free product. That way you can develop a good relationship with them through email and eventually be able to sell them products.

The best autoresponder out there is probably Aweber which is what I use. They are another great company to work with and they also have all kinds of free training to help you take advantage of the great features that are available.

For some excellent help on starting your own Wordpress blog and getting it set up correctly check out the following article from my friend Matt Wolfe:


So once you have your blog created and ready for the world, who is going to read it?

Probably nobody.


Because nobody will know that your blog even exists. So you have to come up with ways to let people know that your blog is out there.

I've listed ten ways for you to get the word out about your blog. The more of these that you use, the more free blog traffic you will get. It won't happen overnight, but if you put together a plan using these 10 ideas and stick to it, the number of people reading your blog will steadily increase.

1. Good Quality Content Whatever your blog is about, you will want to provide interesting and unique information. Remember, you are competing against millions of other blogs around the world. So even if your blogging traffic does start to increase, you need to make sure that these visitors find valuable content. This will make them more willing to give you their contact information.

2. Social Networking You can join sites such as Twitter, Squidoo, Facebook, MySpace, or a dozen others depending on how much time you have to invest. You could also just pick one such as Twitter to focus on and build a big following and then move on to some of the others if you want to. Most people make the mistake of trying to sell directly on these sites, which doesn't work. What some people, such as Alex Jeffreys have proven, is that is better to provide lots of useful free information or tools first. People will then get to know and trust you which will allow you to build a good

relationship with them. This opens the door for making sales in the future.

3. Writing Articles There are certain websites out there like Ezine Articles where anyone can go to find information on just about any subject. What you do is write a short article of somewhere around 400 words and submit it to a place such as Ezine Articles. Now at the end of that article you

make a reference to where people can get even more information on that subject, which would be your blog. This is a great way to increase your blogs traffic.

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