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Ok, so there aren't exactly blockbuster movies available on Netflix at the moment. Whether new releases will hit Netflix the same day they hit the video rental stores is still unknown. I guess we'll just have to wait to see. Until that time feel free to watch ALL 13 seasons of Arthur, because let's face it, we both know you're going to.


The streaming quality was very good on the Mac and pretty good on the iPad. Movies start almost instantaneously even on a 5mbps Primus internet connection. I have not yet tried streaming on the PS3 or Wii.

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Thankfully I'm not with one of the big internet providers with bandwidth caps because I'm sure that this thing is sucking up bytes faster than Nile sucks up a couple dozen double cheeseburgers.


Until new release movies and television shows become available on Netflix in Canada I think adoption may be slow in the beginning. It's a great alternative to Blockbuster's newly released "Favourites Pass" allowing unlimited in-store DVD rentals of older movies. For now it looks like I won't be cancelling my Rogers Cable, but who knows what the future holds for Netflix up north?

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